Pool Tiles

Tile for Swimming Pool

The tile in the pool, has always been a way to add color and exaltation of the user. At the same time, it is efficient when it comes to avoiding lines and unwanted marks, as in the case of fiberglass pools or without tiles. There is a wide range of colors and designs to meet all kinds of needs and tastes.

In Hidrotermal, we have a wide variety of tiles for floor and wall swimming pools, anti slip tiles for the curb, decorations, etc.


     Interior Tiles, Exterior Tiles


     Blues, Browns / Tans, Greens, Whites


     Ceramic Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Ceramic

     Surface Treatment:

     Glazed Tiles, full body+glazed



     Water Absorption:

     0.5%<e< span=””>3% </e<>


     Acid-Resistant, Antibacterial, Firebrick, Heat Insulation,
    Non-Slip, Wear-Resistant

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