Underwater Lights

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Introducing our lates underwater lights: Wall mounted Plug-in lights. Already available and to be included in our upcoming 2023-24 catalogue. Super easy to install, just fit it into the pipe! Check out the setup video on YouTube. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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Aquaexpo GUAYAQUIL 2022

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From the 17th – 20th of october the most important technical commercial Aquaculture event on the continent will be held in Guayaquil, Ecuador; organized by the National Ecuadorian Chamber of Aquaculture, with the main objective of promoting knowledge and innovation of the aquaculture community, on a global scale. Will you be attending this event?

Web: https://aquaexpo.com.ec/eng/

Importance of Cleaning your pool

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Brushing and vacuuming of the pool’s walls and floor should be considered at least once a week to remove visible debris and algae from the pool. To prevent cloudy water, metal corrosion, staining, scale formation and keep swimmers comfortable. The Hidrotermal Crayfish ® automated cleaner robot is a new type of highly efficient and energy-saving swimming pool cleaning system. Through its advanced computer-controlled program, it can clean the pool walls and bottom automatically. At the same time, it filters the pool water and gets rid of suspended particles without replacing the water. It’s totally environmentally friendly!

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Welcome back to Hidrotermal!

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Hidrotermal has seen another sizable growth compared to its previous years. It seems like there’s no stopping this train. Of course, it’s all thanks to our loyal customers. It’s fair to say that Hidrotermal has done its utmost to provide consumers with the best service it can. Not only for in-the-moment questions but also really listening to their feedback. At Hidrotermal, we adapt to your needs, whether it’s a product you’re looking for that isn’t in our catalog, to marketing content for your social media/website of our products. We’re grateful to be at your disposal. We are also updating our general catalog with exciting new pool equipment set to be published by 2023.


Yes! Hidrotermal is growing!

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As well as the store, we are launching a very special online platform: www.hidrotermal.co.th

Focused mainly into a professional distributor’s local network. Business to Business B2B customers would be able to gain special discounts, generate their orders and enquiries, enjoy special technical support, receive corporate gifts and much more!

This year, Hidrotermal became a founding member of the Spanish Thai Chamber of Commerce in Thailand. Supporting and interacting in order to expand together with the well-known Spanish brands in the region.

Web: http://www.spanishthaicc.com/member-directory/