Automatic Filtration Valves

Specially designed for our Multimedia Filters (DB Series). Automatic Valves will satisfy all your needs.

  • Indication of long time power off, data can be kept for 3 days.
  • No hard water bypass in rinsing cycle.
  • Equipped with 2 sinal output connnectors b-01(02)



    • Input Voltage: AC100-240V/50Hz-60Hz.
    • Output Voltage: DC12V, 1.5A.
    • Input temperature: 5ºC-50ºC.
    • Input turbidity: <20FTU.

    Filtration Valves

    • 3/4″ (25mm) Water treatment valve, 3/4″ drain.
    • Suitable for models HT-DB12/HT-DB16.
    • (from 6″-10″ filter tank).

      • 2″ (63mm) Water treatment valve, 2″ drain.
      • Only suitable for HT-DB21.
      • (from 16″-24″ filter tank).

    • All Hidrotermal Valves are Metric as standard. Imperial is available on request.

    Manual and Catalogue

    Automatic Filtration Vavle HT-FAV01&FAV02&FAV3.4 EN.pdf
    Automatic Filtration Vavle HT-FAV03 EN.pdf
    Filtration Catalogue.pdf



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